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There are opportunities for students to participate in karate competitions. Karate Ontario hosts tournaments at the recreational level for athletes aged 5 and older, and ‘elite’ level events for athletes aged 12 and over. These elite categories are for those who want to be selected to the Ontario Team for participation at National Championships, Ontario Games, and Canada Games. Those who do well at the National selection event may be selected to the National Team to participate in international competitions.

Our serious competitors will have the opportunity to attend training sessions designed to support their competitive goals. Using an evidence-based approach to our training design, athletes will be exposed to modern training methods focused on maximising outcome and minimizing injury.

Jennings School of Karate has produced some outstanding athletes over the years, many winning National and International medals.

Testimonials from our students!

I feel that karate classes changed me and made me feel like I can do and perform challenging tasks. For example, if I'm at school and a teacher is asking for a volunteer, I respond without hesitations, and go for it. A challenge is something you take on, not shy away from. When I hear a challenge, I say “I’ll do it.” Before karate, I might not have done that; I would’ve shied away. But, since karate, I seek challenges.

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