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Dec 16, 2016

Dojo closed for Christmas starting December 17

Our Roots

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How did we get to where we are today?

Jim Jennings started karate at the age of 13 through a program at the Newmarket Parks and Recreation Department.  Umberto Marasco, one of Masami Tsuruoka's students, drove from Toronto twice per week to teach.  Through this program, Sensei Jennings was awarded his Shodan by O'Sensei Masami Tsuruoka in 1976. In September of 1977, Jim moved into residence at the University of Toronto as a student of the Physical and Health Education Program.  He chose University of Toronto for its excellent reputation in this field, but also because the karate club was taught by Sensei Tominaga, who was at that time, affiliated with O'Sensei Tsuruoka.

It was during their first year of studies that Jim met Trish McAdam, a classmate who eventually joined karate at the U. of T. club.  It was while attending U. of T. that Jim won his first National Level gold medal.  Trish was a member of the provincial team at that time.  Jim and Trish married in 1985.

Following four years of study at U. of T., Jim and Trish entered the working world and they found it very difficult to attend 5:30 p.m. karate classes at the U. of T. campus, and were thus training periodically and later permanently with Sensei Ted Jungblut in his dojo at the Queen and Dufferin area of Toronto.  During these years, Jim's brothers Frank and Dave, and Frank's wife Gerry also studied with Sensei Jungblut.

Sensei Jungblut is renowned as a kumite practitioner, and while training with him our eyes were opened to many different approaches to learning and training.  His ability to demonstrate his lesson was (and is today) one of his greatest assets.  He is a rare teacher with the ability to inspire you to learn.

Today, we continue to enjoy our affiliation to the Tsuruoka family of karate schools.  O'Sensei Tsuruoka is the person we have to thank for our karate today and we are extremely fortunate to have our roots connected to the true roots of karate in Canada.

Our students, who will be graded to black belt by O'Sensei Tsuruoka, will have their black belt recognised worldwide.  Although most of our actual training was with Sensei Jungblut, it is O' Sensei Tsuruoka  who made it possible for us to be here today.  Without O'Sensei Tsuruoka, the Jennings School of Karate would not exist nor would hundreds of other karate schools.

At The Jennings School of Karate it is our objective to continue the tradition of passing down the teachings of our Sensei's so that students can continue to benefit from this wonderful activity.