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Dec 16, 2016

Dojo closed for Christmas starting December 17

Important Points In Karate

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FORM:    Dedicated training of the body creates the psychological and physical attributes necessary for proper movement and form.

BALANCE:    All parts of the body must harmonise in order to achieve the necessary balance and stability when different karate techniques are performed.

CENTRE OF GRAVITY:    The centre of gravity is always changing in order to avoid giving the opponent advantage of attack.  Excellent control of the positioning of the centre of gravity effects balance and power.

SPEED:    Power concentration depends a great deal on the speed at which the karate technique is performed.  Greater speed results in greater power.  Speed is measured by distance travelled within a given time.

POWER:    A focused punch and kick in karate is achieved by the concentration of maximum power, slightly beyond the point of contact.  Power is measured by the speed and distance travelled at a given resistance.

POWER CONCENTRATION:    To be able to get maximum power it is necessary to use maximum speed in combination with strenght from all parts of the body at the moment of impact.

MUSCLE'S IMPORTANCE:    Power to move the body is generated by the muscles in co-ordination with breathing.  Well-trained, powerful, and elastic muscles are important in karate.  Large, bulky, body-binder muscles may not be able to extenuate effective speed and/or power.

RHYTHM:    The right presentation of a series of movements is impossible without proper rhythm.  An even but also powerful changing of the body from one technique to another is an absolute necessity in karate.

TIMING:    Correct "timing" is of extreme importance in performing techniques.  If the timing is defective, the technique fails.  "perfect" form and techniques are useless if executed at the wrong time.

HIPS:    The use of the hips permits one to obtain maximum power at every moment.  It is a means for the transferral of power and energy through the body by properly executing a sequence of muscular contractions.  The hip is a vital fuse/link for the effective realisation of kime and maximum power.

TANDEN:    The "tanden" is the area located two inches below the navel in the centre of the body.  This is where the centre of gravity in the body is located.  Japanese Budo instructors have constantly pointed out the importance of this area.  They consider that here is the centre of the vitals and that this area, together with the hips, forms the foundation for power and balance in all movements and techniques.