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Dec 16, 2016

Dojo closed for Christmas starting December 17


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Childrens Programs.

Our programs for children have been designed to provide a safe learning environment where they can enjoy success and develop confidence and self esteem, while at the same time develop new friendships in a unique social atmosphere. Through dedicated effort, hard work, and discipline, they will learn that rewards are not handed out to those who are not willing to do do what it takes to earn them. It is our intent that these philosophies wll cross over into other areas of their lives.

Statistics state that obesity in Canadian children has reached  high levels.  With so much time spent indoors sitting at computers and watching TV, many children are no longer engaging in play and physical activities that are essential to developing a healthy body as they grow. This also leads to decreased body image, and low levels of self esteem.  Children and their parents need to understand the benefits of regular exercise and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle well into adulthood. Fitness is a big part of what we are offeriing to these students.


Ages 5 to 7 years

Students at this age are in the "Active Start" stage of their lives. This is defined by Canada's LTAD (Long Term Athlete development program as a critical stage to a child's future in sport and fitness. We strive to make it fun, yet challenging and developmental of 'physical literacy'. If it is not fun for a 5 year old, it will be difficult to keep them motivated, so there are games and activities that have them running and jumping. They are exercising, having fun and learning as they are taught the fundamentals of karate, blocks, strikes, stances, and kicks. They  also learn kata, and simple partner work. Children at this age will learn at varying rates dependant upon their attention spans, behavioral patterns, and levels of physical literacy.

Ages 8 to 13

Children in these classes are also separated according to their stages of development. The expectations of the instructor are greater in the higher level classes, and the content is a reflection of this. Students will work on their katas as required for their next belt grading, but the expected focus on detail, speed, and strength, will vary based on age and development. 

Kumite (sparring)

It is important that a student can block, punch and kick with control before they put on their gloves and start sparring. With safety being the first concern, it is unlikely that white and yellow belts will participate in kumite. Students must be at least orange belt to participate in Friday evening kumite classes. On occassion, a yellow belt will be invited who shows exceptional attitude. On Thursdays at 4:00 there is an kumite class for all belts, but the focus in this class is on kumite fundamentals aimed at preparing them for the more intense Friday evening class.

Classes are: