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Dec 16, 2016

Dojo closed for Christmas starting December 17


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Adult Karate Classes

It seems that as parents we spend most of our time working, taking care of the home, and catering to the needs of our families. Karate training is the activity that you do for yourself. It feels good to get out and focus your attention on a good sweat as you develop your skills in karate. Many of our adult students started out as a parent at the side watching their child. Others came in out of interest or because a friend told them about it. Whether it be for fitness, self defense, or just because it is a lot of fun, the benefits of karate training help us in many areas of our lives.

Classes are divided up based on belt levels.

Adult white and yellow belts

In this class the focus is on the fundamentals consistent with developing a strong foundation in the basics of kicks, blocks, punches and stances through the use of varied training drills, kata and by improving overall fitness. 

Adult orange up to and including black belts

In this class, training is intended to challenge students with more complex activities. All belts are encouraged to constantly strive for perfection of their basics.

Kata classes are designed to allow students to work on the kata of their level through both instruction and independant training periods.