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Dec 16, 2016

Dojo closed for Christmas starting December 17

Spectator Etiquette

Parents please read

It is your Sensei's desire to maintain an open door atmosphere, especially during the children's classes. Many schools have the parents wait in separate areas and they never get to see what their children are learning. Our dojo was designed in such a way that you can see your child in action.

Having said all of that, there are some things we would ask everyone to keep in mind. One of our goals is to develop attention span, concentration, and the ability to focus on the tasks at hand. The presence of parents is sometimes detrimental to our efforts. If your child is constantly aware of your presence, glancing in your direction, or waving, then they are not focussed on learning. Perhaps you should consider sitting out of sight.

Some points to remember:

Thank you for your cooperation.