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Dec 16, 2016

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More than Self defense

Benefits Of Karate -> More than Self defense

 Self Defence and other Life Lessons
Although self defense is an important benifit of karate training, there are many other things to be gained besides being able to defend yourself. Karate holds many life lessons for us to learn along the way to preficiency that enable us to be better people and live a better life.
Many years ago Master Funakoshi who founded the Shotokan style of karate wrote a series of twenty precepts or ideas. These ideas were more than just ideas about karate, they were about a way of living and embracing life thru karate. He knew that the lessons of karate were life lessons not just physical ones. Click here to read the 20 precepts of Master Funakoshi.
These are some of the things we can gain thru our study of karate:
We gain insight into our own spirit from karate, because it takes time to develop karate skills we must learn patience and perseverance to master them. 
We gain the ability to focus our minds thru kata and kumite practise.
We learn to react without conscious thought; by continuous repetition we make action second nature to us.
We gain physical fitness and stamina from our constant workouts and training.
We learn respect for others from our partner work.
We learn that our strength comes from our spirit, and our karate training strengthens our spirit.
We learn that we can and must master the subtle nuance of karate and life.
We learn the subte secrets of self defense hidden in every kata.
We learn to be humble because no matter how good we become we can always improve ourselves.
We learn to listen to others because everyone has something of value to offer that can help us improve.
We learn never to criticise others, but help them instead.
We gain a sense of pride in our accomplishments.
We learn to compare ourselves only to ourselves, no one else.
We learn how to fight so that we will have the confidence to know we do not need to.
These are just some of the many lessons we learn while studying karate that we can apply to everything we do in life. Like life itself, karate is a journey with no limits except the ones we place on ourselves.