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Dec 16, 2016

Dojo closed for Christmas starting December 17

Benefits Of Karate

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More than Self defense

Karate As Self-Defence

Although it takes many years of training to acquire proficiency in karate, the techniques learned can still be utilised effectively for self-defence. People well trained in karate have an even greater advantage and can successfully defend themselves against an adversary who attempts to hold, grab or threaten them.

Depending on the situation, karate techniques may be used to escape from , and counter attack an aggressor, or counter attack and then escape. In either case, the karate-ka must effectively utilise those parts of the body that can still be moved and take maximum advantage of the strength of the aggressor.

However, if you do not practice the techniques you have learned, your self-defence will likely be ineffective. Being out of practice makes you like an ill prepared and weak army, who, if attacked by a strong and prepared army, would surely lose.

One of the chief advantages that karate has over any other martial art concerning self-defence is that even if the upper body is immobilised, the feet and legs can still be used to advantage. In spite of this, a good principle to remember is that every effort should be made to escape and/or counter attack before the opponent has had a chance to get hold of you, and to break that hold once made, as quickly as possible.

There are literally hundreds of different situations that you could encounter – no two being alike. Therefore, it is imperative to realise your limitations and not acquire a false sense of security. The stronger, faster, and more developed your techniques are, the greater chance you have for success.